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Philaestheta is the work of Philip Ashlock and a representation of many philosophies associated with visual communication and new media. This website is meant to mediate a wide range of creative ouput and express an evolving ethos concerned with aesthetics, informatics, and observations of a world in flux.

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Dormant for the Time Being

This website has clearly not been active for many years. Even when it was first created it was not particularly active, but it has served some purpose in providing a portfolio and a point of contact. Yet ultimately, this website does not represent the current focus of its creator. This site was primarily developed to showcase web design, but the only kind of design I spend much time with these days is systems design.

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One Laptop Per Child

Quite possibly the most influential change in how technology affects society

Death by Smiley Face: When Rivals Disdain Profit

Altruism vs Economics

The Discourse on "Digital Maoism"

We're still trying to understand the intelligence behind collective intelligence

Rex Ashlock

My late grandfather. A legendary and prolific artist.