Religious Crusaders, Freedom Fighters, and Businessmen · 1 October 2007

One of the last classes I took before graduating was a communications class called Intercultural Communications, it happens to be the the only comm class I’ve ever taken. The final project was to collaborate with a group of other classmates to write a paper on the culture of a specific people. On my encouragement we decided to write about Persian culture, now more commonly known as Iranian culture. I chose to research the people of Iran because I’m aware of the political tensions between the U.S. and Iran and I was curious how it related to cultural climates.

Seeds · 25 March 2007

This website has lay mostly vacant and dormant for half a year, but I think I’m starting to figure out how to make it grow. As both a web designer and a developer, I have a tendency to want to sculpt and refine ideas before they’re published for all to see. Six months has shown that such prudence can lead to a suffocation of the whole ideation process. It seems to have taken a while to realize that my need to write in this context comes much less from a desire to express ideas and much more from a natural tendency to learn through collaboration and iteration.