Seeds · 25 March 2007

This website has lay vacant and dormant for half a year, but I think I’m starting to figure out how to make it grow. As both a web designer and a developer, I have a tendency to want to sculpt and refine ideas before they’re published for all to see. Six months has shown that such prudence can lead to a suffocation of the whole ideation process. It seems to have taken a while to realize that my need to write in this context comes less from a desire to express ideas and more from a natural tendency to learn through collaboration and iteration.

My hope is that writing to learn rather than to teach will lift a writer’s block of hesitation and provide a more creative process to express ideas. Maybe this notion is contrived or maybe it’s obvious, but the new paradigms of digital participation require cunning ways to tease out knowledge and creativity from the must unwilling and resistant people, even ourselves.

With that said, all possibilities are open and one can experiment more freely. At the present, I’m interested in experimenting with open knowledge systems and seeing how such a broad and ambiguous concept will manifest itself in the future of our global society. For the past several years I’ve been following a philosophical thread that has led me to explore open source concepts in the most creative and multi-disciplinary ways. I’m now setting out to investigate design from holistic and innovative perspectives as to incorporate the needs of the developing world. I hope to mix and mash concepts like the XO laptop (OLPC), organic mesh networks (meraki), social entrepreneurship and the Grameen model, OpenCourseWare, open source software, open standards/APIs, and decentralized, user-centric models of collaboration. If you didn’t already notice, I treat WorldChanging like a bible. Yet as passionate as I am about these abstract infrastructure related concepts, they are all futile without a sensible and compelling approach to visual communication and interaction design. This is a balance I hope to build and maintain. Nevertheless, the writing here is treated as experimental and will likely evolve in erratic, unpredictable ways.

Welcome to my process, I hope you learn from it as much as I do.