Dormant for the Time Being · 2 March 2010

This website has clearly not been active for many years. Even when it was first created it was not particularly active, but it has served some purpose in providing a portfolio and a point of contact. Yet ultimately, this website does not represent the current focus of its creator. This site was primarily developed to showcase web design, but the only kind of design I spend much time with these days is systems design.

Seeds · 25 March 2007

This website has lay mostly vacant and dormant for half a year, but I think I’m starting to figure out how to make it grow. As both a web designer and a developer, I have a tendency to want to sculpt and refine ideas before they’re published for all to see. Six months has shown that such prudence can lead to a suffocation of the whole ideation process. It seems to have taken a while to realize that my need to write in this context comes much less from a desire to express ideas and much more from a natural tendency to learn through collaboration and iteration.